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Thermal Imaging

Equipment failure? Overheating components? A thermal imaging survey can locate the issue

A thermal imaging survey from Alan Benfield Limited can identify problems like these – in an easy and non-invasive way – so remedial action can be undertaken as soon as possible. It can help make your premises that much more productive. That much safer. And that much more energy-efficient. Enquire today, wherever you’re based in the UK. 

Fast anomaly detection

Alan Benfield uses thermal imaging equipment to record surface temperatures. Our trained engineers set up cameras that account for every kind of variable, including distance, atmospheric conditions and object size, so that differentials can be picked up and anomalies identified.

We then report on those anomalies using TICOR (Thermal Imaging Condition Monitoring and Online Reliability) modules. The report incorporates detailed data analysis of findings as well as suggested remedial action or maintenance work.

What does that mean for your business?

It means abnormal temperature patterns in machinery can be picked up and addressed before they becoming bigger – and more expensive – concerns. It means overheating components can be identified without disassembling any machinery. It means any discrepancies can be isolated and monitored without undue disruption to your business and its operations. It means you can save money and minimise production downtime. We can carry out that survey for you.

Office worker taking thermal image with camera in factory
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera for Home Energy Audit

Why our thermal imaging surveys?

  • Non-invasive process

  • Comprehensive and accurate

  • Can carry out remedial work

  • Quality service

  • Experienced team

LED Lighting Solutions


Testing and inspection


Network Infrastructure


Modern skyscrapers illuminated at night

For a quote on our thermal imaging service, call Alan Benfield Limited on 01773 824370

Alternatively, you can reach us by email or via the form provided

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