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Technician is measuring voltage or current by voltmeter

Power quality measuring can isolate what is happening with your equipment

Find out why electronic equipment is not working as it should with help from Alan Benfield Limited’s power quality measuring service. We work across the UK.

Repeated equipment failures?

If you are having problems with your equipment – if they are failing or malfunctioning – then you need to find out why. The problems you are experiencing may exacerbate and that can mean damaged equipment that you will need to replace. It is costly, both financially and when it comes to the productivity of your business. If you have already taken steps to try and source the problem, from checking over connections to carrying out diagnostic work, and you are still experiencing issues, then it is time to analyse the power that is being supplied to your business to make sure it meets demand. A power quality measuring service from our electricians can do that.

We can make sure that your facility’s power quality meets demand

The first step is always a consultation where we can hear your concerns, gauge exactly what has been going wrong with your equipment and how it has been affecting your business. From there, we can carry out an inspection of your site, isolate the issues that you are having and use sophisticated

measurement and analysis tools to detect abnormalities. This will form the basis of a report which will clearly delineate the problems that you have with your system and what we can do to alleviate them. Subject to approval, we will then carry out remedial work and follow up on that work to make sure that your system remains functional. To get under way, contact our team for a quote.

Technician with red hardhat testing equipment in electrical room
Low-voltage cabinet. Uninterrupted power. Electrical power

Why our power quality measuring service?

  • NICEIC Approved Contractor

  • ISO 9001-certified

  • Safety-conscious

  • Experienced electricians

  • Full service provided

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For a quote on our power quality measuring service, call Alan Benfield Limited on
01773 824370

Alternatively, you can reach us by email or via the form provided

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