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Technician installing CCTV camera for security car park

Mitigate the risk of theft with a CCTV installation

If your business has suffered losses due to theft then a CCTV design and installation service from Alan Benfield Limited is the logical next step. Enquire now.

CCTV Design

It is not something that can be sustained ...

If thieves have broken into your premises and stolen valuable assets then it is time to take action. Replacing those assets can be costly and can put a significant dent in your bottom line. It can also lead to the disruption of your business and how it operates. There is also the safety of your employees and customers to think about. And while tall fences, sensor lighting and the like can mitigate the risk of theft, it does not give you a level of insurance if those measures are bypassed. A CCTV system can be your insurance policy.

We can design and install the right system for you

Alan Benfield Limited can supply and install the right type of CCTV system for your business. It all begins with an initial assessment, where we can evaluate your premises, isolate the weak points and determine how your system should be deployed. We will discuss with you the right CCTV cameras, accounting for aspects like resolution and storage capacity, and install them in such a way as to optimise coverage. The system will be configured as needed and tested for effectiveness. We will also train relevant staff members in its use. It is a full service with minimal disruption. Get in touch for a quotation.

Mature Male Technician Installing Camera On Wall With Screwdriver
Alarm System Keypad in had

Why our CCTV system experts?

  • Full system design and installation

  • Qualified team

  • NICEIC Approved Contractor

  • Nearly 50 years in the industry

  • ECA member

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Testing and inspection


Network Infrastructure


Modern skyscrapers illuminated at night

For a quote on any CCTV design and installation, call Alan Benfield Limited on 01773 824370

Alternatively, you can reach us by email or via the form provided

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