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We will install An EV Charging point for you

If you need an EV charging point installed on your property then speak to Alan Benfield Limited. We work across the UK.

Just bought an electric vehicle?

If you have an electric vehicle then a convenient way of charging is necessary so that it is ready to go when needed. If you do not have that convenient charging point, then there is every possibility that your car will be short of fuel and that can spell disaster on a long journey. Public charging stations are available of course, but they can be very expensive. And given that you have to vie with other EV owners, it is not guaranteed that you will have access to a charging point when you need one. Worst case scenario, you are back driving a petrol-powered car because there is not enough charge on your electric car, which negates the reason for having one. Your very own EV charging point, set up and ready to go on your own property, can make all those issues go away.

We will install that EV Charging point for you

If you are looking to install an EV charging point on your property, we can take care of the entire process. Following an initial consultation where we will discuss what is required, including how many charging points you would like and where they will be placed, we will then review that site to make sure that it is feasible. If it is, we will come up with a suitable proposal and quote. Subject to approval, we will begin the installation on an agreed start date. From the laying of the cables to the testing of the station, we offer a full service. And we will make sure that you know how to use your charging point once it is in place.

Electric Car Charging Station
Charging of an electric car

Why our EV charging point installation service?

  • NICEIC Approved Contractor

  • Part P registered

  • 50 years’ experience

  • ISO 9001 certified service

  • OLEV-accredited and leading brands' accredited installers

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For a quote on our EV charging point installation service, call Alan Benfield Limited on
01773 824370

Alternatively, you can reach us by email or via the form provided

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